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Will the Issue of Sabarimala Protests Impact the Election? Actress Parvathy Responds

Political parties in Kerala were asked by the poll authority to refrain from soliciting votes in the name of Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity of Sabarimala, in the coming polls. But that doesn’t stop Sabarimala from being an important factor that will impact the upcoming Loksabha elections.

While there are many issues connected with this, Actress Parvathy now has clarified her stand on whether Sabarimala issue is going to be an issue that will impact the election.

Parvathy said Sabarimala issue will be a factor in the upcoming election.

“I think there are many things in play that I cannot speak authoritatively on. I can only see it from my perspective,”she said.

Parvathy added that she is happy about the fact that politics is being actively discussed by youngsters.


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