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Prominent Surveys Predict Kummanam Rajasekharan’s Victory. LDF to Cross Vote?

NDA candidate at Thiruvananthapuram and former Mizoram Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan is the overwhelming favourite to win at Thiruvananthapuram constituency. Most surveys done so far predicts his victory and literally, every survey predicts C Divakaran, the LDF candidate to be at third position. Since LDF has no chance at the constituency, there are reports that the Left has reached an agreement to cross vote for Shashi Tharoor.

It seems like it is already creating a rift between CPI and CPI(M) since many of the CPI workers at Thiruvananthapuram cannot imagine voting for anyone else than Divakaran while the CPI(M) leadership are allegedly asking them to do exactly that since BJP losing the election is more important to CPI(M).

In 2014 there was a similar situation where the then LDF candidate Benet Abraham’s many votes were given to Shashi Tharoor to ensure that O Rajagopal was not winning.

There is a sense of lethargy seen in Divakaran’s campaign, especially from CPI(M) and the reason could be this new idea of cross-voting.


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