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Rahul Gandhi’s public speeches have high humour quotient, Says Devendra Fadnavis

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday took potshots at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, saying his speeches have high “humour quotient” and he need not be taken seriously. He added that his speeches should also be run with the disclaimer that whatever is being said is not the reality
Addressing an election rally in Goa’s Sankhalim, he said Rahul Gandhi’s speeches are known for his curses against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also for their “humour quotient”..

“Like the way television channels run their serials with disclaimers that they are not responsible for the content, Rahul Gandhi’s speeches should also be run with the disclaimer that whatever he says is not a reality,” he said mocking the Congress President.

Shifting his focus Congresss “Nyay” scheme, that promises to provide Rs. 72,000 to the five crore poor families annually, Devendra Fadnavis said Rahul Gandhi himself is not sure where money for the programme will come from.

“During a press conference when Rahul Gandhi was asked from where will he source the fund for the scheme. He was confused and started looking at former Finance Minister Chidambaram. He reacted by saying that money is flowing in central government coffers and this can be distributed to the poor,” he said.


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