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Superstar Mohanlal Wishes LDF candidate P.Rajeev

Superstar Mohanlal wished all the best for CPM candidate contesting from Ernakulam Lik Sabha constituency P.Rajeev. The CPM leader P.Rajeev and his family visited the ‘Complete Actor’ in his residence in Elammakkara.

Mohanlal said that he very well know Rajeev and has participated in many good virtuous works that he has initiated. As a friend all wishes for him said Mohanlal. He gave him his wishes and prayers.

Rajeev said that Mohanlal has inaugurated the dialysis centre at Aluva hospital in the midst a busy schedule. Always inform him about the activities that are initiated in Ernakulam. Visited Mohanlal not for seeking vote but to get some energy from him.

Rajeev has earlier visited Mammooty. Mammootty has wished him victory. Filmmakers Aashiq Abu, Amal Neerad, Rajeev Ravi and Anwar Rasheed has been active in Rajeev’s election campaign. Earlier filmmaker Major Ravi has attended and wished him victory in his election meeting.[0]=68.ARBUP3RvAfotgHPBZBAu4VIu0AlLHhuB4FxVea1rS6Dipjzk21BF7_l4BjZ4EjUj_GH8acb7gt4LvUc2EQfOaObIZN7ZpWAVi-vGHJerS_guZCKoHH8Vc2NMxdOUdDQseYDHWjhUrKINXRF-GK3yfk9Mxif_veMjzLp7Ms9UOjnSZ4yMUG3ABDAlRXZ23KhTZN_JNIj_b4DjI6kxDAqwzJ8QOW1GR361Kt2Lvgb9uFi5XHkWrtFYvFD2c9ai75vcdeASKSAf4ALxiHb3RDPNG-ZDAPEC3UlgD3jTxTlL7h1DKuZoRJ8eln2Lv0d3EODeg5VHE8RV2jboO8IC2aPY-0JeDywKhCD3akUjng&__tn__=-R


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