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‘What is Khureshi Abraam?’; ‘L’ anthem from film Lucifer released; Video

‘Lucifer’ the Mohanlal starrer has broken all box-office records in the Malayalam film industry. The film which registered the directorial debut of actor Prithviraj Sukumaran is leading to become the first Malayalam film to enter in the 200 crore club. The film penned by actor Murali Gopi is an apolitical thriller which has many shades and layers.

Now the last song of the film ‘L anthem’ has been released. Prithviraj through his Facebook page has released the video. The song gives light to the mysteries of the film.[0]=68.ARDqVL3kVGoS1BbHpUWJBQbHHpY9BOsepfluOTbFIUhauj-b5Wkt9AO_o_HkhDMyl6cHjNullV2fepdfb-j1o7R7EhkJXiUUiWIyTqqYbCQyavGqgx5XTHGVe6NLm_4XlM33OioluCi_YV1PwKa6kc91BLLCv9oahOmQ-AG5nyaqGJHAJ4WX3pHzbxonTakruWE1uCoMZHXTW7g6gNQp0KRtzd5Ml5cMCiThBTe1fMynPFqGFdfD2FYe4Xz3g5GQjdcQs3EA-WEZXu26JOtoUeXit0TxQrYRtVpfxT07ieSS3Kh8ybhENRc-0-yBHOHVtugs5QBxCi1ooI5TMHSpu9I7_Q&__tn__=-R


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