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Chief Minister’s wife lodged domestic violence case against him; later denies

A national media reported that Tripura Chief Minister’s wife has lodged a case against him alleging domestic violence. Tripura Cheif Minister and BJP leader Biplav Deb’s wife Niti has approached Teez Hazari Court in New Delhi demanding a divorce. But later in a Facebook post which appeared to be Niti Deb denied this.

Earlier on today a national media News 18 has reported that Niti has accused of Biplab of domestic violence and harassment.

Biplav Deb who gained national attention after BJP under his leadership seized ruling in Tripura ending 25 years long CPM rule. He becomes the chief minister of Tripura in March 2018 and he is known to be a motormouth. He has been in constant media attention for controversial statements.[0]=68.ARDsqO8WjyftdbfwJlQg0DRe1YHbqIjFYqtZJ1nJT8YOaFmReCsXNlgE-IUIYME3ngVidBS5Feop__pU_XAiL9r44XsixmWN2PWr_RwGL3Sa8KAwhRSUxzFVjmRXGSxE1Ik1VqdR2lByLfIqtCrHd1IUDzYoe950UBoex5sg3tfqM7V5xMtii2GMLtLTgQ4FURcLkJ3LEouHM7jXDAfryykpWO-jp9gBKKVc0j0bhOOzsWegqRVXWoeO3PEOU8Ak_ba7EayhoiVJrI4dB711I6QPjpqgjamB8K68-g6wKlfTTYYjfRjBTo4mR6MNcymgyOtEiqCFwBQgSjYBPD7JmloD&__tn__=-R

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