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‘Fake diplomacy is not the style of Pinarayi,…To be misunderstood is to be great; Yacobaya Church Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese Geevarghese Mar Coorilos praises CM

The Yacobaya Church Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese Geevarghese Mar Coorilos has come forward praising Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. He on his social media handle has expressed this. Mar Coorilos on his Facebook page shared a post on which he has praised CM who is being criticised by media and netizens for shouting at media persons.

Mar Coorilos on his Facebook post said that Pinarayi is a political leader who does not play for the gallery and claps. No other single leader in recent history has been this much misunderstood and hunted by media. I also once hold these kinds of misunderstanding. It was Dr Babu Paul IAS and poet Prabha Varma who helped me to clear these. The arrogance of Pinarayi is the most discussed thing.

In a society dominated by fake diplomacy the argument that a person must behave with fake diplomacy is not healthy. When I see a mistake, I get too angry. I do not want to hide it. My method is to express it but then abandon it from your mind. What’s the point of stating that the CM does not behave like normal men? Why people think that if a person becomes Cheif minister he can not behave like ordinary men. His words against communalism is that much strong. He did not show fake diplomacy in issues which are to be criticised and objected.

To be misunderstood is not a bad thing. Pinarayi is one of the most hunted political leaders and if he has survived these experiments and became the Chief Minister of Kerala, it is because the people in the majority have realized him.

As Emmerson has said ‘To be misunderstood is to be great’. Future Kerala will register Pianarayi as the best Chief Minister of Kerala.


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