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Heat Wave again? Meteorological Centre notices ‘Orange alert’ to this state, warns temperature will touch 44 degrees.

Following a sudden surplus in heat across Gujrat, the state health department has issued an ” Orange Alert” on Sunday. It has been reported that the temperature will likely to increase to 44 degree Celsius.

“An Orange Alert has been announced for two days, due to the heat wave. All our BRTS bus stands have ORS packets, Municipal Corporation has made arrangements for water at multiple points,” Deputy Health Officer of Surat Municipal Corp Dr Mahendra Patel asserted the media.

The notice which had issued asserts that moderate temperature with tolerable heat will exist for the next two days but the vulnerable people like children and elderly have to take special precaution.

Authorities have issued advisories and warned people not to go out in the sun and keep themselves hydrated by taking fluids such as lemon juice and buttermilk


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