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“I am agreeing with some of the opinions Sreenivasan had expressed “: Mukesh

Mukesh has now come up with defending the statements made by Sreenivasan on Dileep’s issue

The actor turned MLA Mukesh has asserted there is no such as women discrimination in the Malayalam Film Industry. He also asserted that he agrees with the opinion asserted by Sreenivasan on Dileep’s issue. He even made the point clear that he is not speaking much as of Dileep’s case is under consideration by the court.

Mukesh said that there is nothing wrong in the formation of the women members as a new organising body under the name of WCC.

Sreenivasan has asserted earlier that the allegations made against actor Dileep are not credible and false and in turn, added that he is unaware of their intention.

Sreenivasan said, “I do not believe that Pulsar Suni was given a huge amount of money by Dileep for the abduction and I clearly belives Dileep would not have spend a single penny for the case”.


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