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Actress Keerthi Suresh to join BJP

News has been viral in social media for the last few days. And it is that South-Indian actress Keerthy Suresh is all set to join BJP in the presence of PM Narendra Modi.

Now Malayalam actress and Keerthi Suresh’s mother Menaka has given her clarification on this news. She said that her husband Suresh is in BJP. He had been actively campaigning for BJP. Recently he had been to Delhi for election campaign and after the campaign, he joined with some other film personalities to meet Modi. , I too took a group photo with them, said Menaka. She further added that it was because of that photo that people started spreading the news of her and her daughter of joining BJP.

Menaka concluded, saying that though her family is a BJP supporting family, neither her nor her daughter Keerthy Suresh has joined the party.


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