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” Some things must remain sacred. Or we become the Taliban, destroying statues that sustain us”, Businessmen Anand Mahindra on Godse row

Business tycoon and the Chairman of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra has launched an indirect attack at the “Nathuram-Godse-is-a-patriot” remark of BJP’s Bhopal Lok Sabha seat candidate Pragya Singh Thakur. He took his social media handle to give a reply to her.

Mahindra said that India had been “the land of the Mahatma, a beacon when the world lost its morality”. Mahindra said Gandhi had inspired billions globally and “some things must remain sacred”. Mahindra referred to the destruction of Afghanistan’s historic Bamiyan Buddha statues by the erstwhile Taliban regime in 2001 to warn against “destroying statues that sustain us.”

On Thursday, Thakur ignited a political storm by claiming that Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin, Nathuram Godse, was a patriot and will remain one. BJP has distanced itself from Thakur’s comments and asked her to apologise. Pragya has later apologised for her remarks.


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