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Predictions Gone Wrong: Left Party Channel’s Exit Poll Misses the Mark by a Long Way

Exit Polls have not always gone right and it will be foolish to completely invest your faith in it to deliver the exact results. But exit polls have a scientific method to it and quite a lot of them manages to at least capture the trend correctly.

Days before the result of Loksabha elections arrived, many Exit polls surveys surfaced and the one done by Left’s own channel Kairali in association with Centre For Electoral Studies is now grabbing attention for how wrong their predictions ended up to be.

While most surveys predicted UDF to get around 14- 16 seats and LDF to be relegated to having just 4-6 seats, Kairali went absolutely bold to declare that LDF can gain 8-12 seats. The survey said LDF will secure huge victory in Northern Kerala and that there will be a setback for them in the Mid-Kerala region. What has eventually happened is that LDF managed to grab just one seat in the entire south Indian state of Kerala.

The survey also said LDF’s vote share will be between 40.3 percent to 42.7 percent.

The discussion about the Exit poll survey on Kairali channel, headed by John Brittas also had eminent personalities like Jacob George Sebastian Paul participating it. Most of the time these experts found nothing too far fetched about the exit polls, but the results happened to be something else.


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