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‘Sabarimala women entry did not affect election results’; Bindhu Ammini advises CPM

Reports say that the CPM state committee has in a statement earlier said that the political stand that the party took on the Sabarimala women entry verdict by the apex court of India would have affected the election outcome.

But Bindhu Ammini, the women activist who entered Sabarimala after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on women of the certain age group from entering the hill shrine has come forward with advising the ruling CPM.

Bindhu Ammini on her Facebook page shared a note in which she claims that the votes the LDF got in Kerala are political votes for their political stand to support renaissance values. She also advises to rectify the mistakes and to take a correct pro-Dalit, pro-women stand to move forward.

Read Full Facebook Post:

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Gepostet von Bindhu Ammini am Freitag, 24. Mai 2019


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