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V.T.Balram say this to the left cadres who celebrate Rahul’s defeat

Congress MLA from Thrithala V.T.Balram has replied to CPM cyber warriors who mocked AICC president Rahul Gandhi for his defeat in Amethi.

Balram, known for his sarcastic comments and Facebook posts has reminded the CPM workers that the 4 seats that the left parties got from Tamil Nadu is the result of the sweat of Rahul Gandhi. He on his Facebook post shared a post in which he has replied to the CPM allegations The Congress party workers are happy in the defeat of CPM in Kerala because they are the main opponent in Kerala. This kind of defeat which CPM faced has not been celebrated by Congressmen, he wrote in FB.

Read Full Facebook Post: 

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Gepostet von VT Balram am Freitag, 24. Mai 2019


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