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Nipah Outbreak: ‘All set to fight Nipah’, says CM

The government and health department are set to fight Nipah says Kerala CM in his Facebook post.

CM’s Facebook post goes like this. Nipah virus attack is confirmed in one person. And there is no place for any worries as we are ready to face the challenge. Health Minister is directly coordinating the procedures. The people who made close contact with the infected person are under observation. The people should not be frightened by the confirmation. The health department would give instructions timely and everyone should cooperate with the same. Timely discussions are taking place with the Central Health Ministry as well. The guidelines of center will also be considered in forming preventive measures. Kerala proved its ability to survive the testing period during the previous onslaught of the virus. This shall be repeated now. We shall overcome this too. Strict actions will be taken against people who give fake news, he added


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