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This is the weird demand put forward by the company to its women employees

The women employees at Russian Aluminum production company Tata Proof got shocked by the new orders of the company to receive a bonus. In order to bridge a good relationship with the company, they asked the women employees to wear miniskirts. If they do so, they would get a bonus of a hundred rubles.

The instructions include that the skirt must be 5 cm’s above the knees, they should present themselves in makeup and fashionable hairstyles. The bonus will be allowed only if they produce a picture in the proposed dress to the department.

The company claimed that this would make their jobs more interesting. The project named ‘feminity marathon’ came into force in June. If the women employees are successful in maintaining the look a month-long they would be rewarded with additional bonuses.

As per the current situation, the employees wear pants. The companies proposal is a kind of gender stereotyping which must be resisted in this age of advancement.


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