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Who is this invincible man in Modi’s cabinet?

As the Modi government’s second term began everyone was keen to know the cabinet. Amit Shah, Modi’s confidant and the party chief was appointed as the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The reports say that Amit Shah holds the central power in the new ministry. He overcame veteran party leader Raj Nath Singh to get this crucial position. As soon as he became the part of ministry many crucial meetings were held on his behalf.

He said that the government will not hold any discussions with Kashmiri militants and warned severe measures against such an extremist group. He also chaired the meeting which discussed the possibilities of making investments in Mozambique to get fuel and cooking gas.

The high committee was called to analyze the situation as US-Iran issue is still heating up. This may cause an increase in the oil price. India’s 10% of oil import is from Iran. He was making decisions in the party in the same way.

Shah also warned Giriraj Sing on his controversial comments on Iftar party. J.Kishan Reddy’s statement calling Hyderabad a terrorist hub was also a headache to the newly elected government. Shah handled it with great care and warned him too. Modi – Shah reign will be continued both in the party and national politics.


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