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Nipah stories: The dedicated team behind the virus control

Nipah rebounded in Kerala creating panic. However the timely diagnosis and treatment has controlled the outbreak. Dr. Ganesh Mohan, the assistant professor in Pediatrics department in Ernakulam medical college shares an incident which shows the dedication and alertness of the medical team.

The Facebook post goes like this: The guardian angels of our nights. Yeaterday night was a little troublesome (07/06/19). We were relaxed with the news of deadly virus under control. But three new patients were admitted today intensifying our suspicion of a second phase. I called the Health Minister Shailaja teacher who was in Delhi. She consoled me and asked me to conduct the test in the new facility. The time was around 9:30 pm. Pune team has gone to take rest. However they came fast in my call. They said that the test would prolong and requested to arrange food and a vehicle. The team included three smart women who have a great bond to nipah virus. Around #: #0 am the group leader Reema Sahayi called me to tell that the test result is negative. I couldn’t control my happiness, I laughed aloud. I decided to call the Minister at that odd hour. She attended the call in the first ring itself. She was happy to hear the news. She instructed me to have good sleep and to care self. This fight for survival is indeed a collective effort from the part of many. The minister who attends a call in the first ring, three women struggling to trace a virus at midnight, Dr. Chandini who came here to check the facilities leaving her family, and me waits for the result of three unknown people. These are the people who joined hands to fight Nipah and also the machine which works continuously. This is a large alliance of people and machines.


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