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Woman wrote examination 30 minutes after delivery

A young woman from the African country Ethopia has amazed everbody as she wrote her examination just 30 minutes after giving birth to a child. Almaz Derese, a 21-year-old woman from Metu in western Ethiopia has done this.

Last monday was her secondary school examination and her delivery date. The examination was postponed due to Ramdan holidays.

The majority girld in the Afrcian country Ethopia lquits education after secondary school. They restart their education after one year. But Almaz Derese was determined that she will not waste a year.

“Because I was rushing to sit the exam, my labour wasn’t difficult at all,” Derese told BBC News.

She took her English, Amharic, the official language of Ethopia and Maths exams in the Karl Metu hospital. But she hopes that she can write the remaining tests at the exam centre.


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