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Model shares pre and post pregnancy naked photos

An Australian actress Hannah Polites has revealed both sides of pregnancy. The Australian model gave birth to a child on Thursday. She has shared a photo of her just after 24 hours of delivery in social media. The photos revealed her pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy curves.

Instagram star and model Hannah Polites revealed her incredible post-baby body, Evaliah Grace.

‘Trying to get that booty growth after the baby… I’ve lost muscle from mixing up my routine whilst pregnant but I’m ready to create change,’ Hannah, who is six months post-partum, she wrote.

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38 weeks pregnant ?? 24hrs post birth ???? Although a little confronting for me, I want to be as real as possible with you all and share my post partum body journey exactly how it is. I was tired, pale and a little sore but so proud of what I’d just achieved the day before. The human body is so amazing and I’m so thankful that mine was able to grow, birth and now nurture my boy ???? I’m in no rush to “bounce back” and will just be focusing on my family and new baby, not exercising for at least 6 weeks. Evaliah has already asked why mama’s belly button “looks funny” and why my skin on my belly is so soft and she now knows that it’s because my body created a beautiful life and that’s bloody incredible ?? #thankful #postpartumbody #postpartum

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Embracing my extra curves and enjoying my bump so much more this time around ??? ? I found the changes in my body quite confronting last time and was overwhelmed being constantly told that my body will never be the same and will be ruined. I’ve been more sick this time, have put on more weight, skin has stretched further, abdominal separation, wider hips and boobs that have gone nuts etc but my body is far from ruined. Babies don’t ruin bodies, they create life and the strongest form of love. I’m so thankful to my body for growing, birthing and sustaining life and also for teaching me that it was society that ruined my expectations of my body… it was my baby who set those expectations straight. When Evaliah feels safest and calmest in my arms whilst my baby kicks inside me, how could I feel anything but admiration for this body ???? #pregnancy #bodypositive #love

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