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Voluntary euthanasia becomes legal in this state

In a historic move, a state in Australia legalized voluntary euthanasia. The state of Victoria has become the first Australian state to legalize voluntary mercy-killing.

The state has enacted laws to legalize mercy-killing. As per the new law patients suffering from intolerable pain can ask their doctors to use lethal drugs to end their lives. And this will be legal. The new law will be effective from today itself.

As per the law, adult men who suffer intolerable pain and terminally ill can approach their doctor to end their lives. They must be patients with less than six months to live or 12 months for neurodegenerative diseases. And they must also satisfy 68 safeguards. The authorities termed the bill as a compassionate approach to the patients.

Another two Australian states Western Australia and Queensland are also enacted laws to legalize euthanasia.


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