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Man with a perspective: This is the new initiative of collector S. Suhas

S Suhas’ posting as the new collector of Ernakulam grabbed attention from the very first day. He has begun his civil service career as the Asst. Collector of the district, now his return to the district gives many hopes for the people.

In his recent Face Book post he took up a subject which hasn’t got the right resolution for many years. The rude attitude of private bus employees towards students is usual during every academic year. The new collector is trying to find a solution for this. He interacted with the students and bus employees.

He instructed the private bus employees to behave gently with the students and to give them their deserving concession. He has warned that strict action will be taken against those who break the rules. He requested the bus employees to think about their children at home when they misbehave with children.

Collector’s post for student-friendly buses is praiseworthy. Many people have congratulated him for being sensitive towards all the issues that come up to him.[0]=68.ARC92AIP0PT9caxtpngNcQHnpGrbtlrAPEaksHtaJ1InAPXKleeFV_IVlWlZnhFK_MY9Vf-NCnBbRnuC4DlGt0SiPLKc-T8X_EFXGuoenxI8loykObquUhY9MiZGAwbO-XFmNCMVLbuIO3poY4ANQCoJuTNk2POCVjss7Zc7Ac2NF32bRpYSh0dLcKOo0IlgkicqlMz6p9uNCnEN0dqwMC22je_9I2IGUtdaSXYPRjFVFqlH-T53mL1gFtP3-Ot6NIKSh5SDRiEHPh9h8xCPLYmTan0pw1mrfi1sS8tiqNaVaSlaSqcbKX60tc1kA-jdeOVA1DDfDGFFQJiCEYrdAsg&__tn__=-R



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