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SHOCKING; Can you detect skin cancer using your smartphone read to know

We are more exposed to harsh UV rays of the Sun and this might be causing Skin Cancer. It has to be noted that Early detection is the key when it comes to Skin cancer.

Several smartphone apps have come which make self-examination of skin abnormalities easier. It saves us the trouble of going to a doctor, although one can’t be 100 per cent reliant on these apps.

With these apps, you can capture photos of the moles that you think are suspicious and track them over time yourself. You can even send them to a dermatologist for examination. These apps can revolutionise healthcare with time, cutting down time on diagnosing deadly ailments.

Telemedicine is a growing field and the same has now expanded to the skin care as well. There are many skin care detention apps available. The same allows your phone to analyse your skin . The applications are using the artificial intelligence algorithm according to the reports.


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