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Actress Sameera Reddy shares her ‘no make-up video’ on Instagram : Watch Viral Video

Actor Sameera Reddy took to social media to promote natural self that she called, #imperfectlyperfect.She released a new video, without any make-up, to stress on the importance of being one’s natural self.

Sharing the video, she wrote: “This is the real me! Almost ready to pop! I know I’ll bounce back and is not afraid of being judged. I wanted to share how I looked without make up & my morning face and how it’s important for me to celebrate it ! #imperfectlyperfect Thank you @namratasoni you’ve been amazing.”

In the video, as she proudly flaunts her baby bump, declares how she embraces self love, positivity to be imperfectly perfect. She also says how everybody is beautiful in whatever shape, size or colour we are born with, as she proudly flaunts her baby bump.
For a while now, the actor has instead been setting goals for women on how to embrace their body during pregnancy. On July 4, Sameera had surprised netizens with her latest underwater maternity shoot. In the photographs, she can be seen flaunting her baby bump in bikinis — hot pink and neon green — all underwater at a hotel’s swimming pool here.

Sharing her pregnancy shoot pictures she earlier wrote: “I wanted to celebrate the beauty of the bump in my ninth month. At a time when we feel the most vulnerable, tired, scared, excited and at our biggest and most beautiful, I look forward to sharing it with you guys and I know the positivity will resonate because we all are at different phases of our lives with unique sizes and we need to love and accept ourselves at every level. Imperfectly perfect.”


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