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16 military officers arrested for foiled coup attempt

The military council has arrested 16 military officers for a failed military coup attempt. Sudan’s military council has informed the media about the failed military coupe on yesterday. The coupe attempt took place as the ruling military council and opposition parties are holding discussions about how to rule the country.

The military council has arrested 16 active and retired military officers who had involved in the coupe. The security forces is investigating the matter and searching the other officers who were involved in it.

Earlier the military council and the political parties in the state has arrived in an agreement about how to share the power till the elections. The army has seized the power in the African country after ousting the long-ruled dictator Omar Al-Basher.

But the time frame to handover the power to a democratically elected government has ended on May. This has lead to the protest by the political parties. It is decided that for the next three years the country will be ruled by a high-power committee which will include military officers and civilian leaders. The committee will have five military and five civilians. The eleventh seater will be given to a civilian chosen by both the teams.


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