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Turia Pitt, the epitome of confidence

Turia Pitt is an extraordinary talented beautiful girl.  An athlete, model and mining engineer Turia made an envious portfolio of herself within a short span of time. The French born girl was brought up in Australia. She was engaged to Michael her childhood friend before the unhappy destiny tested her.

She was participating in a marathon when a fire broke out in the grasslands. She was burnt severely and everyone thought she would not recover the state. Her face was deformed and she stayed back in her home for two years. But the flames never stained her will power; she fought with the fate itself.

She came out of the confines of the home to face the real world with her new face. She did whatever she wants to prove that nothing will stop her from her life. She is the author of two books titled ‘Unmasked’, ‘Good Selfie’. She was elected as the ‘woman of the year’ in 2014. Many people turned their face when they see her burned face but she knows that her beauty comes from her mind. Yes, she is the real fighter.


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