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Karnataka rebel MLAs rebuffed by Supreme Court

The political uncertainty in Karnataka took a new turn by the Supreme Court verdict. In a petition submitted by Karnataka rebel MLAs the apex court observed that it cannot interfere in the decision of the speaker. Resignation and disqualification don’t come under the jurisdiction of the court. Court cannot instruct the speaker about the decisions that are to be made, observed the bench headed by the Chief Justice.

Fifteen MLAs filed a petition as the Speaker didn’t accept their resignation. The rebel MLAs demanded that the speaker must accept their resignation immediately and he cannot dictate them to appear in the assembly. Mukul Rohatgi, former Attorney General appeared for the rebel MLAs.

Rohatgi on behalf of the MLAs, told the court, Speaker makes a conscious delay in the decision and force them to sit with a particular group against their interests. Speaker said that, the credibility of the resignation must be checked before accepting it under the article 190(3) (b). He asked for more time to scrutinize the resignations.


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