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Social media flooded with Face App age old challenge

Going through many of the profiles in social media one might wonder how the people got old aged over a few hours. Social media has trends and challenges and a new challenge is sweeping through all the platforms. The face app’s new filter will show how you will look like in your old age. The hilarious feature has actually gone viral. From celebrities to common man everyone is posting their age old look.

It is relieving that no one is ashamed to share their wrinkled images. However the pictures are adorable too. Who knows how we will look after a decade? In some way the app gratifies the expectations of the individual. No one expects a crap photo of their old age and the app is pretty sure to keep the charm of the face. If this app makes people to accept old age and respect them, then it is appreciable. The reality is that the bubble will deflate soon.

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