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Journalist Tries to Criticise Press Freedom in India, but Gets it Completely Wrong! Check this Out

Raju Narisetti, a US-based Indian journalist and the Director and Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia Journalism School, New York made a huge blunder as he tried to teach India a lesson about press freedom.

Narisetti saw a tweet from PTI that read

“Freedom of Expression is the beauty of Democracy. Expressing Enemy’s stance is Not Freedom of speech but treason against the people”.

The tweet had a photo of two men with their backside facing the viewer, one man receiving money while the other passes a concealed cover in return. The tweet was a dig at journalism and Narisetti did not have to think twice about sharing it, to drive home a point against press freedom in India.

The US-based Indian journalist thought that PTI was Press Trust of India, but it was Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf!

“India’s official news agency. The slope gets even more slippery there for press freedoms” he wrote on Twitter without knowing the fact that what he shared was a tweet from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

It is surprising that despite the display image of the handle being the logo of the Pakistani political party, a senior journalist like Nariseeti could not understand that it was not Press Trust of India.


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