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52-year-old man accidentally kills his new wife with 8-inch sex toy

A man accidentally killed his wife while trying to have bondage sex with her. The 52-year-old man named Ralph Jankus, has been charged with killing his wife Christel after he took part in a 48-hour bondage sex session after wedding.

The BDSM sex session went wrong and it ended up taking away his wife’s life. He is said to have inserted an 8-inch spiked sex toy inside his wife that caused an internal injury. The man has been suspended the sentence for accidentally killing his wife, as per reports by DM. Krefeld judge ruled death was an accident and Jankus had loved wife Christel, ‘We can assume it was consensual sex,’ Judge Hochgürtel said during the verdict, Daily Mail reported.

The massive 48-hour BDSM sex session he had with his wife caused and internal damage so much so that it ruptured her bowel. The German man who was facing manslaughter charges for killing his wife has been dealt a suspended jail sentence of 18 months. After her death, he posted on Facebook: “Unfortunately I have to share with you all that my beloved wife died suddenly just eight days after our wedding, I am distraught.”



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