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T.P Senkumar Slams Brennan College Principal, Asks Students to Deal With him in this Fashion

In a controversial move, principal of Government Brennen College in Thalassery, K Phalgunan had removed the flag pole of ABVP from the premises of the College in Thalassery. His justification for the act was even bizarre as he claimed that he did so to avoid any clash between SFI and ABVP.

ABVP activists have reinstalled the flag and the issue is still being discussed widely in Kerala. Meanwhile former DGP, T.P Senkumar took a dig at Phalgunan for his biased act.

“It was brave to reinstall the flag. Will it be the permanent job of the principal to remove the flag? This could make for a new post in the college. There should be equal justice to all, principal sir” wrote Senkumar on his Twitter.

Check out the original post.

Earlier, in yet another Tweet, Senkumar said that the principal could be the SFI leader of the college and he asked the students do deal with him in that fashion only. Check it out


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