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This complaint dumbfounded the women’s commission

The Women’s Commission is familiar with the marital issues. But a complaint from a woman shocked the Tripura Women’s commission. The lady said that her husband has put CCTV camera in their bedroom. This was something very disturbing and a king of moral rupture. Commission summoned her husband for clarification. His reply complicated the whole issue. He said that the camera was fit for his personal security. He said that the camera is focused to his part. The couples sleep on separate beds.

Ratna Podhar of Sadudilla district is the victim of this incident. She was married to Chandan Kanti Dar three years ago. Though the groom didn’t asked for dowry the condition changed after marriage. She was tortured y his family for dowry. Her family managed to give around 2 lakhs for her. Then she found out that her husband has extra marital affair with a relative which worsened their situation.  Soon he installed CCTV camera in their room.

Apart from this the whole house is under surveillance and the monitor is in the his mother’s room. Women’s Commission charged domestic violence and mental torture against his family. Chandan says that the cameras were placed to show his innocence.

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