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You will be jailed in UAE for posting accident videos

You will be jailed in UAE for posting accident photos. As per the law of the land, filming an accident scene or crime in public place and sharing and posting the same on social media is a crime in UAE.

Shooting video and photos of others without their permission is considered as an invasion into the privacy of others and is punishable under the law in UAE.

An official in the Interior Ministry of the country has informed a media that there are a lot of complaints are received about this across the country. Breach of other’s privacy is punishable in UAE and many of the offenders did not know this, he said.

The Sharjah Police has informed that they have all the means to access the source of the images and videos posted unlawfully on social media. Sharjah police informed that will arrest the offenders and they will have to face strict legal actions.


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