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Waitress gets $ 5000 as tip: Evil intention behind the kind action revealed

The Clear Sky Beachside Café in Florida had a very generous customer recently. The woman named Serena Wolf, gave a tip of $5000 (around 3 lakh 50000 Indian rupee) for her breakfast worth $55. The waitress thought, it was her kindness and was grateful for her luck. The local media reported the news, praising the unusual act of kindness. But the actual intention of the lady was revealed when her boyfriend Michael Crane came up with the complaint.

Serena used Michael’s credit card to took a revenge on him. The tip was part of her revenge. They had a fight when they were on vacation in Florida. Michael refused her to get a flight using his credit card. This flamed her vengeance and she decided to pay an extravagant breakfast with his card. Michael has filed a fraudulence case against her and Serena got arrested by the New York Police. Beware couples, the revenges are getting eccentric all these days.


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