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Indian comedy star dies while performing in Dubai stage

Manjunath Naidu, a rising Indian comedy star, died while performing his stand-up act in Dubai.The incident took place on Friday, July 19 at Clavichord, Signature Hotel, Dubai.He suffered a cardiac arrest while doing a standup on anxiety at a hotel in Al Barsha. He was 36.

In the two-hour comedy show, Naidu was the last to perform. Mango – as he was affectionately called – complained of high level of anxiety, sat down on the bench next to him and collapsed onto the floor, while still eliciting laughter because many thought it was part of the act.

Tragically it was not so as everyone soon realised Naidu was gasping for breath.His friends and fellow comedians were in a state of shock as one said he died doing what he loved doing best.Naidu, according to friends, was born in Abu Dhabi but later shifted base to Dubai. He was a popular comedian in the Racy Desis band of standup held in Dubai for the past few years.



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