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Zakir Naik’s Peace TV Might Face Ban For these Shocking Statements in their Programmes

Peace TV, founded by the controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik might soon be stripped of its U.K broadcasting license since it has breached the Ofcom(U.K’s official communication regulator) regulations. The TV has made a number of outrageous comments- it called homosexuality “insane” and gay people “worse than animals”.

The channel also wanted magicians to be killed and said underage girls being married off was not a problem at all. The channel which is based in Dubai might soon be banned in UK as Ofcom found four of its programmes breaching the regulation on inciting crime, hate speech and abuse.

“homosexuality is a very unnatural type of love that is energised by the influence of [Satan]” the programme called Strengthening Your Family, The Valley of the Homosexuals claimed.

“Even an animal that is defiled by Islam, the pig – as nasty and corrupted and contaminated as a pig is – you never see two male pigs that are trying to have sex together. That’s insanity. These are animals. Human beings are supposed to be dignified, they’re thinking beings” the presenter of the programme said.

In two of the other breaches Ofcom recorded there were other shocking statements: one where a programme said those who left Islam should be punished by death and a second where it was said girls under 18 getting married was “no problem at all”, even if local laws forbid it.(as reported by


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