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‘It is all his fault’: Teacher jailed for sex with 13 year boy

A school teacher was sentenced to 20 years in jail for having sex with her 13-year old student. Brittany Zamora was sentenced for pedophilia charge by a court in Arizona in the USA. But the advocate of the teacher Brittany Zamora has come forward with an argument that it was the boy who was obsessive about her.

The advocate of the teacher Belen Olmedo Guerra has claimed that ” I have represented Brittany Zamora for almost 16 months and I can tell you that she is not a monster. Brittany is not a predator and this was not between a young child and Brittany. “This was a teenager…She is not a danger to society.”

The lawyer also said that Brittany has much time asked principal Dickey to move the student from her class.

Brittany was arrested in March 2018. The parents of the student filed in a complaint against her after finding out a sex chat between them. It is found that they had engaged in sex around four times.



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