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Did astronaut Sunita Williams convert to Islam? The reality behind the viral news

A video has become viral in the social media that Sunita Williams, the Indian astronaut has converted into Islam. The video was spread on social media by a page named ‘Makka -Madina’. The video in the Bengali language has been watched by 2 lakh people and shared by 11,000.

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Posted by Islamic Book Shop on Thursday, July 25, 2019

But national media has confirmed that the news is a fake one and Sunita has not converted to Islam. This fake news is has been in social media for many years. In 2010 also a campaign like this was spread on social media.

At that time hse responded to a media that ” I don’t know where that started. it is not like I mind and I don’t have favoritism for any religion. But my dad is Hindu and I grew up trying to understand what Krishna, Rama, and Sita mean. My mother is Christia, so then what does Jesus mean? Me personally do think there are a God and its somebody looking out for us and trying to guide us to live a very happy, productive life. There is further meaning. That’s just my thought”.


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