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Gujarat Flood: Crocodiles take over the road in Vadodara: Videos

Heavy rain has affected daily life in the Gujarat city of Vadodara. Crocodiles have been surfacing in the residential areas of the city. The crocodiles have been swimming in the waterlogged roads.

As the Vishwamitri river has overflowed the crocodiles has surfaced to the city. The forest department has so far rescued three crocodiles. The Vishwamitri River is home to nearly 300 crocodiles.

Videos of crocodiles surfacing in the road and attacking dogs have become viral on social media. In a video, a crocodile was seen targetting two dogs which were stranded in the floodwater.

Due to heavy rain which longed around 12 hours, several parts of Vadodara city has been flooded. 4 people have been killed in the heavy rain and around 5000 people have been evacuated from low-lying areas. The city received 499mm rain in 24 hours.


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