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Bad news for US visa seekers: US administration unveiled new visa rules

The US administration has unveiled a new visa rule on Monday. The long-waited visa rules by the Donald Trump administration emphasizes on income as a criterion to get visas and permanent residence permits. The new rule will be effective from October 15.

As per the new visa rule any person who use medical aid, food stamps, housing vouchers or any other assistance from the government will be denied green cards.┬áThe new rule named ‘Public Charge Rule’ was published in Federal Register on Monday. The new rule will come into effect from October 15.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services officers will form now review public assistance along with other factors such as education, income, and health to determine whether to give green cards.

This new rule is the part of Trump’s efforts to cut down both the legal and illegal immigration. The illegal and legal immigration was a main campaign item of Trump during his presidential election campaign.

Almost 544,000 people apply for US green cards in a year. In this about 382,000 falls into categories that would be subject to this review, according to the government.


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