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Boy awarded for guiding ambulance in floodwater: video

Venkitesh, the 12-year-old boy from Raichur in Karnataka was felicitated with a bravery award for his brave act of guiding an ambulance in floodwater.

Venkatesh, who is the 6th standard student was presented the award by Deputy Commissioner at the Independence Day celebration in Raichur.

Venkatesh has guided an ambulance which was trapped in a flooded bridge by risking his own life. The video of this brave act was shared on social media by a national daily. The video becomes viral on social media too.

Venkatesh who helped the ambulance cross the submerged bridge became a hero on the Internet overnight. He showed his presence of mind and saved the passengers in the ambulance too. The incident happened on 10th August when the floodwaters hid the bridge near Hireryanakumpi village in Deodurga of Raichur. The ambulance was reportedly carrying sick kids, and the body of a dead woman, and was trying to cross the bridge.

The driver of the ambulance asked if he can cross the bridge to a group of boys who were playing nearby. Venkatesh then offered help and showed the way by walking on the submerged bridge. He ran in front of the ambulance and guided the driver all through the way. As he walked on the bridge, the driver of the ambulance followed him through. The whole incident was recorded on the video and it became viral on the Internet.


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