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Imran Khan’s Speech is Replete With Kashmir References, P.M Modi’s Speech Cuts a Stark Contrast

The speeches and talks leaders make are very often a reflection of their maturity and priorities. Pakistan Prime Minister, in his much-publicized speech, was frantically chasing the Kashmir issue, focussed almost entirely on India, P.M Modi and RSS. All of this from the head of a country which has a million problems to solve.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at Redfort, was a stark contrast to Imran Khan’s style, not even mentioning Pakistan issue once. Modi had a number of other matters to focus on. In an interesting statistics, it was found that Modi spoke of the many dreams that people had and invoked the word for as many as 46 times in his 92-minute speech. Modi had completely ignored the verbal exercise of Imran Khan and focussed on issues that are far more important to the nation.

Mr. Imran Khan had even said that India would take action in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, “more sinister” than the one launched in Balakot, which is an indirect admission of Pakistan about the Balakot bombings, something which they preferred to brush aside.


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