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“JAI HIND”:’ Balochistan Seeks India’s Help to Free their Land From Pakistan

Pakistan speaks at length about the issue of Kashmir and put on the veil of people talking on humanitarian concerns but maintains no such feelings when it comes to the issue of Balochistan. Yesterday, the people of Pakistan’s province Balochistan expressed their solidarity with Indians on India’s 73rd Independence Day while Pakistan chose to observe the same day as ‘Black Day’.

Atta Baloch, on the occasion of India’s Independence day, wished the Indians and said that the success India has made in the last 70 years makes them proud.

“I want to wish my Indian brothers and sisters a very happy Independence Day. The success they have made in the last 70 years makes Indians proud. Today, Indians are proud all around the world. We Balochs are thankful for their solidarity and help. We want them to raise their voice for a free Balochistan. We need their support. Thank you and Jai Hind,” said Baloch activist, Atta Baloch.

Another Baloch activist Ashraf Sherjan requested India to raise the issue of Baloch in all forums.

“I wish a very happy Independence Day to all my Indian brothers and sisters. We appeal to India to raise Balochistan officially in all forms, including the United Nations. The people of Balochistan are suffering genocide at the hands of Pakistan and its military establishment. Balochistan is bleeding, he added.” Sherjan said.



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