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12-year-old saves toddler trapped in a hot car.

Ben Theriot, a 12-year-old kid from Oklahoma became a hero after rescuing a 2-year-old trapped in a hot car. Ben was with his mom at Tulsa shopping centre and then suddenly, his mom heard the toddlers cries. She told him about it and when he went to check, he saw the toddler sitting in the car with the windows closed. So at first he grabbed a ratchet strap and started smashing the windshield, but it didn’t break. So Ben climbed on top of the car and started jumping on the glass, and it soon cracked. Using a cloth rack from the shopping centre, he pulled the windshield and unlocked it. The child was seemingly distraught but okay. He mother was found shopping inside and she told the authorities she thought the child was being watched by another adult in the car. Police didn’t charge her of any crime, but issued a $250 fine under the “Forget Me Not” law.


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