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Indian Army is setting up ‘Integrated Battle Group’ to Pakistan Border

The Indian Army is setting up an Integrated Battle Group (IBG) along the India – Pakistan border. The IBG is ‘game-changer’ as it consists of Infantry, Artillery, Signal, logistics and the air division of Indian Army. The first unit of IBG will be deployed in the Pakistan border.

The IBG can mobilize very fast attack across the borders. The Army has the plan to raise three IBG in the plains of Jammu, Punjab, and Rajasthan for the Pakistan border and one meant for China border will be ready under the 17 Mountain Strike Corps at West Bengal.

The IBG will help swifter troop and equipment mobilizations into the enemy territory and it can be done in short notice.

The IBG was formed after Army Chief thought it necessary to have a group for conducting the faster attack. The Army is awaiting the approval from the Defence Ministry and has submitted the final project before the ministry.

The IBG’s will have 5000 troops each. The Army has earlier carried out the test under its Western Command.

Earlier Army Chief General Bipin Rawat in an interview made it clear that ” After we received the reports from the Army commanders, we carried out field trials and exercises to validate the concepts of Integrated Battle Group. I am happy to tell you that from now, top to bottom, our troops are really happy with the formation of the IBG’s”, he said.


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