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11-year-old boy fights thief to retrieve his mother’s ornaments

A boy aged 11 has fought vigorously with a thief to retrieve his mother’s ornaments. The boy aged 11 fought with the thief and retrieved his mother’s favorite gold necklace from the thief. The incident took place on Tuesday in Virar, Mumbai.

The boy was alone at home. His father had gone out to work and his mother was also not at home. The thief, who posed as lineman rang the bell and wanted to check the lines, but the boy told him to come later as he was alone. On hearing that, the thief barged the door, pushed the boy and went inside their room from where he picked up his mother’s ornaments. Just as the thief was about to leave, the boy noticed his mother’s favorite gold necklace worth Rs 55,000 in his hand and so screamed for help.

The thief gets panicked and dropped the necklace and ran down the stairs, where he bumped into the child’s mother, who was rushing home on hearing her son scream for help. The mother confronted the thief, but she was dragged by the latter down the stairs. The thief finally let go of the bag and attempted to flee from the spot.

However, he was caught by the locals, and handed over to the Police station.


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