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BJP Supporters Urge P.M Modi Not to Take Part in Manorama News Conclave 2019. Here is Why

It is reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Manorama Conclave 2019 to be held in Kerala. While this should come as good news for BJP supporters to have Mr. Modi in Kerala, a large section of the party supporters are upset with the move, because Manorama News Channel, almost always, has taken a stand against P.M Modi and BJP Government.

The channel has always been pro-Congress and one of its main anchors- Shani Prabhakar is one of the worst critics of P.M Modi. Supporters of BJP who are not impressed with this move, took to social media to urge the Prime Minister not to be a part of the Conclave.

Nisha Purushothaman, one of the channel anchors had announced on Twitter that P.M Modi will inaugurate the conclave, but following the protest, she has withdrawn her tweet.

We have no confirmation yet regarding whether Mr. Modi will inaugurate the Conclave or not. Check out some of the tweets of BJP supporters urging P.M to revoke the decision to be a part of the conclave.



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