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Villagers oppose last rites of boy died due to AIDS

In a shocking incident, villagers and gram panchayat opposed to performing last rites of a boy died due to AIDS. The incident took place in Pali in Beed in Maharashtra.

The 12-year-old acquired AIDS from his mother. Both his parents were HIV-infected. The boy died on August11. The gram panchayat in the Pali village did allow his mother to perform his last rites and publically humiliated the mother of the boy.

At last, an NGO Organization came to help the mother and cremated the boys’ body outside the village. As per the NGO ‘Infant India’, the boy died at 10 pm on August 11. The mother has sought help from the villagers but nobody helped her. And the villagers harassed the family by throwing stones and publically shaming them. The villagers asked the family to leave the village.


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