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A dozen villagers killed in a village attack

Around a dozen villagers were killed in an attack by Islamic militants in African country Niger. The villagers were killed in a night raid by Boko Haram in the border district of Gueskerou  near Nigeria on Friday night.

This incident is the latest to hit the Diffa region near Lake Chad , which crisscrossed by by militant groups and traffickers. These criminals murder and kidnap people in the local villages. in March this year eight civilians and seven policemen were killed in two attacks in the area.

Boko haram, the extremist Islamist group has been killing and kidnappings of  peoples in the Gueskerou area. The area is abutting the Komadogou Yobe river provides a natural frontier between Niger and Nigeria. The organizations which aims at creating a hardline Islamic state is known for inhumane activities.


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