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Plastic crocodile creates panic, but cops were there to save the day.

In Devon, a resident walking his dog almost fainted when he saw a crocodile in a swamp nearby. The police were notified and everyone was in a state of panic, but it turned out to be a plastic toy. Officers were dispatched and they came to have a look at the scene. They did a quick search and saw that it was a plastic croc. After a “deadly struggle”, the officers were able to take the plastic monster and took it to the station. It’s not the first time a plastic crocodile has caused ruckus. Back in 2014, a mother saw a large crocodile in her yard and called the police. Police officers attended and called a team from Dartmoor Zoo, who set off with snare poles, nets and riot shields. The officers, moving slowly and cautiously, approached the animal and quickly realized that it was an inflatable toy.


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